My carefully prepared Montessori classroom is set up with a wide range of hands-on learning materials. Your child can experience and internalize a concept in a concrete way that is both interesting and relevant. Academic focus includes, but is not limited to the following ...


  • developing understanding of symbols & quantities, starting with 1-10 & progressing upward
  • beginning knowledge of addition & subtraction, problem solving
  • introduction to measurement, time & data management
  • counting, skip counting, printing numbers
  • 2 & 3 dimensional shapes
  • patterning & sorting
  • symmetry
  • fractions
  • puzzles


  • vocabulary enrichment through stories, oral word games, poetry & more
  • in-depth studies of animals adds to your child's worldly knowledge & vocabulary while instilling a love of discovery & researching
  • letter sound recognition
  • phonics
  • printing with accurate formation of letters
  • development of reading strategies
  • creative writing
  • comprehension & sequencing
  • predicting, retelling & relating
  • sentence structure


  • we sing along with guitar & piano, dance & play instruments
  • introduction to concepts of melody, beat, rhythm, pitch & ear training
  • children are immersed in a wide variety of musical styles & composers as well as much loved children's music


  • art materials, such as paints, crayons, markers, chalk, scissors, glue, pencils & paper are always available
  • children are introduced to many art techniques and are encouraged to be imaginative & take pride in their creations
  • seasonal crafts & art projects will come home to decorate your fridge


  • to encourage development of pincer grasp, hand control & co-ordination, we use many different hands-on Montessori activities & work with pencils, chalk & markers
  • large motor co-ordination, flexibility, ease of movement & spatial awareness are developed through use of balance beam, balance board, active games & dancing


An essential part of any child's day of learning and socializing is play time:
  • blocks
  • puppets & puppet theater
  • play dough
  • dress-up clothes
  • toy kitchen
  • dolls, trains, cars, animals, & more
Outdoor playtime happens everyday in the fully-fenced backyard:
  • naturalized area with trees
  • plenty of room to run