Trudi Barrett Montessori Educator
Trudi Barrett Montessori Educator


Owner & Directress
Trudi Barrett BA (Music)
  • Toronto Montessori Institute teacher training 1997 - Montessori Casa (ages 2.5-6) & Elementary (ages 6 -12) Diplomas
  • University of Western Ontario 1995 - Bachelor of Arts - Music Major
  • taught for 2 years in a private Montessori school in Newmarket, ON - 1 year of Casa Level & 1 year grades 1, 2 & 3
  • work-at-home mum since 2000, during which time I have provided home childcare, Montessori preschool/kindergarten & tutoring services
  • mum to two boys, wife, lover of forests, gardening, art & music


  • To provide your child with caring guidance, respect, enthusiasm, warmth, humour, security & routine
  • To provide an interesting, welcoming, fun & challenging learning environment, where your child develops a love of learning & close friendships with peers
  • To meet each child where he/she is at & facilitate the next developmental stage, sometimes encouraging your child to get out of his or her 'comfort zone'
  • To support creativity, independence & collaboration, along with a sense of belonging
  • To ensure social-emotional & self-regulation skills are practiced daily
  • To ensure academics 'stick', by providing each child with the time needed to practice & absorb important skills, reviewing often throughout the year when required
  • To challenge myself to think outside the box, creating unique, personalized learning opportunities for each individual child


In my experience, optimal results can be achieved when the child, you (parents/guardians), and I work closely to ensure a common objective. I strive to make learning interesting and fun, to keep your child motivated. A focus on learning strategies, problem solving, and self-awareness of strengths and needs helps to encourage your child's ability to learn independently and advocate for him or herself away from the lesson. I emphasize the need for practice, not to 'make it perfect', but to make it EASY! As we progress, you will notice a wonderful increase in your child’s confidence! I always take the time to communicate with you, either in person or through email or texts, to keep you informed of your child's progress and answer any questions you may have.
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