Homeschooling SupportHomeschooling can have many advantages and rewards for the child and the parent. I know from experience that it also comes with challenges which can seem overwhelming at times. I can help if your child needs in-depth, one-on-one instruction to understand a concept or more generalized, ongoing practice.

The benefits of Love of Learning tutoring sessions can extend to you, as you enjoy a break to recharge your batteries, or give uninterrupted attention to a sibling.
  • I am AVAILABLE DURING REGULAR SCHOOL HOURS so your evenings can remain free.
  • I use HANDS-ON MATERIALS and can follow your family's unique curriculum. You, the parent, can specify the topics I will cover with your child.
  • I offer a PAY-AS-YOU-GO lesson-fee structure which is dependent on your child's unique requirements.
Please see TUTORING for more information.

CONTACT TRUDI for more information, fee structure or to arrange a personal visit.