Parent Testimonials

"We were so fortunate to find 'Love of Learning'. The website described Trudi's program to a 'T'. We couldn't wait to meet her and talk about her home-based program. It seemed exactly what we were looking for, as we wanted our daughter to learn and thrive before heading off to JK.
After meeting Trudi, there was no doubt in our mind this was the pre-school for us. Not only did our daughter flourish at 'Love of Learning' but she learned how to learn and became so focused (our number one priority), all while laughing and singing each day after school! We discovered each day all the little skills our child had acquired and would ask her, "Where did you learn that?" or "How do you know about that? " and the answer would always be the same, "I learned it at Miss Trudi's".
Not only did our daughter acquire confidence, she discovered music, rhythm, art and social skills. The small school setting gave her the individual time she needed and permitted Trudi to focus on our child's skills & weaknesses. We always felt part of the equation as we received pictures of the days work and daily feedback via workbooks, which permitted us to focus our work at home with our daughter.
We highly recommend 'Love of Learning', Trudi and her wonderful program. If you take the time to talk and visit with her, you will see, as we did, that she is a very caring, warm, knowledgeable and engaging teacher. A rare gem!"
~ Galarneau Family

"We enrolled our 3 year old son at LOVE OF LEARNING and we are so impressed at how much he has learned. His ability to grasp new concepts and skills is truly amazing. Trudi really cares about each individual student and has a unique talent for tailoring individual learning techniques to get the most out of our child."
~ Jill Wiebe

"Three years ago, I registered my then 3 year old son in Love of Learning. He enjoyed the hands-on activities and the warm and supportive approach used by his teacher, Trudi. He developed the confidence and skills required for success. My second son is now enrolled and is eager to get to school and happy to share his learning when he arrives home. The programme is tailored to meet his individual academic, social and emotional needs and interests.
I am thrilled with the excellent communication through daily photos and e-mail updates. I would highly recommend Love of Learning as the programme is exemplary and Trudi is dynamic, passionate and devoted to the children. He will definitely be enrolled again next year and we both look forward to another year of fun, friends and learning."
~ K. Butler

"What an advantage to have been able to have our daughter attend Love of Learning. To see the excitement in her eyes as we get ready for another school day. The personal attention that each child is given cannot compare to any other. The encouragement to present in front of her classmates has definitely increased her confidence. With each day she learns something new and is so excited to show us her work.
When meeting with her regular school teacher I was amazed when told there are no issues at all and she has already surpassed what is expected in senior kindergarten. My daughter started the Love of Learning in 2010. She went from being shy and quiet to being confident and one of the best readers in her class. I can only imagine where she will be by the end of the school year. I can't thank you enough Trudi for the great gift of the head start. The foundation that you set is like no other I have seen. You truly have a beautiful gift!"
~ L. Messina

"My 5 year old son is in his second year (SK) with Trudi and is loving every minute of it. He started off a little unsure but with Trudi's commitment and dedication he has developed great confidence and this year is displaying several leadership skills. He is always excited to share what he is learning and pin all his artwork on the fridge! Trudi offers a wonderfully unique learning experience that prepares children for their next step. I look forward to enrolling my daughter in the future. Thank you so much, we cannot say it enough!"
~ M. Sarlat

"I cannot say enough about the benefits I have seen in my son after attending Love of Learning for the past year. His social and academic skills have both developed in leaps and bounds. Within a month of starting at Love of Learning, I had already noticed a difference in him – where before he had been only an observer in classroom and playtime activities, within a week Miss Trudi reported that he was playing with the other kids and within a month he was actively participating at circle time. Soon after, his teacher at 'regular' school also began to report the changes in his behaviour and participation level. His confidence grew and he began to be a much more engaged student!
My son has loved attending Love of Learning - he comes home eager to share what he has learned that day and the daily reports and photos Miss Trudi sends home aid in those conversations. As a parent, those photos are so amazing to see – to be able to connect with what your child has done that day and to see the smiles with his new friends and the concentration on his face when he is doing his 'work' – it is a true gift.
The small student:teacher ratio at Love of Learning allows Miss Trudi to provide an abundance of 1:1 attention that is tailored specifically to each child's needs and abilities. This way, each child receives attention, support and new challenges when they are ready, be it sooner or later, rather than when the curriculum demands that it is time to move on.
I wholeheartedly believe that the structured yet supportive and fun environment at Love of Learning has helped to turn my shy, cautious son into someone much more confident in his abilities and to guide him toward a lifelong love of learning. Thank you Miss Trudi!"
~ T. Bedford

"I have had my two boys, aged 3 and 5, at 'Love of Learning' since Sept. 2008 and both have thrived. Trudi allows them to express their personalities, explore interests and develop enthusiasm for learning that is wonderful to observe. When they first started, I would ask my older son about his day and what he learned, and he finally said to me, "This isn't that kind of school mom - we do math and reading and stuff like at my kindergarten but Trudi makes it fun."
Trudi provides daily updates of activities in the classroom, along with photos, and is always receptive to chatting at the end of the day if I have questions or concerns. Her ideas and teaching methods are creative and effective, and she clearly cares about the whole child.
The ratio in the classroom is (4:1), allowing her to provide individualized teaching to each child. Trudi makes each child feel special and important. She is very musical and integrates music and instruments into each day. As someone who lacks that talent, I am thrilled my children are able to experience this and both regularly sing songs they've learned. I have nothing but positive things to say about 'Love of Learning', and my only regret is my older son will be moving into grade 1 in Sept. and no longer able to participate in this fabulous program."
~ Tara N.

"Thank-you so much for being such a fabulous and inspiring teacher. I get so excited watching our son develop a love of learning and see him as he discovers the world of text that surrounds him."
~ P. Bouchard
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